Under self quarantine, people have been struggling to keep their mental health in check. I’ve coped by watching Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney+. I’ve hosted virtual game nights on Discord and played JackBox Games. And I’ve cooked more. Because I kind of have to, now. Nothing compares to the experience of Trolls World Tour, a movie that was supposed to come out in theaters today but couldn’t, so they went ahead and gave it to us on Fandango for $20. That’s right. I liked it that much. It’s lighthearted, wholesome, and addresses two major topics people need to listen to and talk about.

Music Snobs.

Queen Barb believes rock is the superior music. A music snob judges people not just for not liking their music, but for liking something else. Every song and genre is unacceptable unless the snob likes it. Surely, a music snob won’t listen to a DreamWorks production as to why they are wrong to hate on people’s musical taste. But maybe, just maybe, they’ll listen to me. A third rate podcast host that reviews DreamWorks movies. Are you ready? Get off your fucking high horse, you pretentious assholes. Others’ musical taste does not affect you, and you should not try to control it. Trolls World Tour makes a point to make fun of Pop music more than the other genres, and they even reveal Pop music was the original villain to force the Music Trolls to separate into their own countries. The Pop Trolls accept the burden of being hated by snobs, and then demonstrate how to overcome musical differences. By accepting them in one another. It’s okay, nay, it’s great to enjoy hip hop, funk, and classical music at the same time. Don’t restrict yourself to one genre, and don’t let others tell you you’re “not a real fan” if you also like other music. Instead, tell them to, “Fuck off,” and “Who hurt you?” In fact, by appreciating a variety of music, you get controversial hits like Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road.

Tangent: I just watched the official video for the first time, and… What. A. Time. The whole thing is a metaphor for how people reacted to Lil Nas X’s hit, and I’m here for it.

Race Relations

How does Trolls World Tour address race relations?! For those who haven’t read Frozen II’s Thanksgiving Allegory, you don’t know yet. I like to do heavy lifting for movies and see what I want to see. But there’s a chance this was purposeful. Queen Pop tries to unify the music and claim we’re all Trolls in the end. It’s a genuine sentiment, and she’s not a villain for pretty much saying, “The only race I see is the human race.” Funk Trolls are quick to explain that they aren’t all the same. That they’re different, and that’s good. By trying to say they’re all the same, she strips away identity, culture, and history. When people try to argue against racism by identifying as “color blind,” they’re stripping away identity, culture, and history. They also include the added bonus of getting to ignore institutional biases. We shifted from being a melting pot to being a salad bowl because we want to keep our sense of selves. We’re reminded by the Funk Trolls that different doesn’t mean bad. Differences are important. It’s our opinion of those differences that need to be addressed. 

By seeing those differences, and by acknowledging those differences, we have more room for creation. Go watch Trolls World Tour. You’re not doing anything else anyway.


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